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Group Dining at Bevri

Georgian food and wine are particularly enjoyable when shared with family and friends. We’ve created family-style menu, so you can skip spending valuable party time on menu browsing and start enjoying your event right away.

The menu covers the most popular Georgian dishes. Pair them with Georgian wine or other drinks for the complete experience.

If you choose to create your own combination from our menu, we'll be happy to serve it too.


We offer group dining for up to 40 guests in Los Altos and 12 guests in Palo Alto. The menu covers all the essential dishes. For the complete Georgian experience, ask our team for wine recommendations.


  • Pkhali

  • Georgian Salad

  • Khinkali (beef & pork or lamb)

  • Khachapuri Adjaruli (also available: Khachapuri Imeruli)

  • Chicken Mtsvadi (also available: Pork Mtsvadi or Ajapsandali)

  • Pork Chalaghaji (also available: Chicken Tapaka or Kalmakhi)

  • Glaze Dessert Bar (also available: Napoleon Cake)

  • Soft Drink: Borjomi, Perrier, Georgian Soda

$65 per person


Reach out to us at if you have any special requests.

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