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Top Palo Alto Restaurants

Soleil Ho

Aug 16, 2022

A splashy Georgian spot where ancient wines and cheesy bread collide.

Part of a growing number of Georgian restaurants in the Bay Area, Bevri plays its role of culinary ambassador well. There are classic dishes like khachapuri ($18), a tapered bread filled with gooey white cheese and egg, grilled meats and xiaolongbao-like khinkali dumplings ($20) filled with savory soup and minced lamb. Look up from your cheese bread and you’ll see a giant chalkboard on the wall full of Georgian script. “Chven gviq’vars chveni st’umrebi!” (“We love our guests!”) is inscribed on the bottom. In the middle of the board is a breakdown of nine common Georgian wines, with an illustrated chart of glasses showing the color of each. If you walk in knowing nothing about Georgia, you’ll be brought up to speed quickly.

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