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Wine Tasting

Every Thursday between 6 and 9 pm, join us for a Georgian wine tasting at Bevri in Los Altos and Palo Alto.​

We offer seating both indoor and outdoor in our beautiful patios. Food menu and beverage menus are also available.​


Next Thursday, October 27, in Los Altos we'll try 6 wines from different wineries.

Chubini, Shilda Rkatsiteli/Chinuri 2019
Ocho, Kartli + Kakheti Kisi, What ru waiting for? 2020
Artana, Rkatsiteli 2020
Kortavebis Marani, Kakheti 6 Varieties 2020
Martvilis Marani, Samegrelo Aladasturi Red 2020

$35 per ticket.

Looking forward to tasting with you!


About Producers:


Chubini, Shilda 

Tornike Chubinidize might have the name of a warrior (translates to first name: god of victory, last name: archer), but he has the heart of a poet. Situated at the base of the Caucuses in the village of Shilda, Tornike makes just 2 wines and cares for them so deeply that he slept next to his qvevri during fermentation to keep an eye on the progress. They are dense, thoughtful and pure expressions of traditional Georgian winemaking.

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