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Georgian food, Georgian wine and craft cocktails. In the spirit of European hospitality, gratuity is included.


Pkhali (v) image

Pkhali (v)

Hand-chopped baby spinach and beets pkhali with walnuts and herbs. Served with eggplant rolls and grilled rosemary bread with olives.


Gebjalia (v, gf) image

Gebjalia (v, gf)

Cheese roll made with sulguni cheese, tarragon, basil, cilantro, mint, garlic and matsoni yogurt.


Chicken Liver Pate image

Chicken Liver Pate

Pate made with chicken liver. Served on a tender slice of bread with herbs.


Georgian Salad (v, gf) image

Georgian Salad (v, gf)

Traditional Georgian salad with cucumbers and tomatoes served with walnut dressing.


Badrijani Salad (v, gf) image

Badrijani Salad (v, gf)

Grilled eggplant, tarragon sauce, garlic, Georgian spices.


Salmon Salad with Burrata (v, gf) image

Salmon Salad with Burrata (v, gf)

Salmon, mixed greens, green dressing, radish, burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes.


Artichokes with Baje (v, gf) image

Artichokes with Baje (v, gf)

Fried artichoke, walnut sauce, tashmijab ( cheese melted into mashed potatoes), red ajika oil, svaneti salt.


Baked Brie Cheese (v) image

Baked Brie Cheese (v)

Brie cheese, rosemary, svaneti salt, svaneti garlic, grape, shoti bread.


Baked Brussels sprouts (v, gf) image

Baked Brussels sprouts (v, gf)

Brussels sprouts,Georgian spices, Burrata cheese, honey, garlic.


Lobiani image


Savory mashed beans with cilantro, garlic and herbs baked in a crispy dough. Enjoy with tangy tkmelai sauce.


Grilled Rosemary Bread image

Grilled Rosemary Bread

Sliced Georgian bread.


Our Favorites

Khinkali Dumplings image

Khinkali Dumplings

● Beef & Pork ● Lamb ● Mushroom

3 pcs


5 pcs


8 pcs


Khachapuri Adjaruli (v) image

Khachapuri Adjaruli (v)

Boat-shaped cheese bread with butter and an egg. So good, it made it to our logo.


Khachapuri Imeruli (v) image

Khachapuri Imeruli (v)

Original cheese bread. Stretchy cheese inside delicious bread.


Mkhlovana (v) image

Mkhlovana (v)

Cheese bread with Georgian burrata, chard, tarragon, cilantro and green onion.


Main Course

Soup Kharcho (gf) image

Soup Kharcho (gf)

Slow-cooked beef soup with rice, tomatoes, herbs and Georgian spices.


Mtsvadi (gf) image

Mtsvadi (gf)

Medium-size meat cubes marinated in onions, herbs and spices. Grilled on the skewer. Served with roasted potatoes.





Kebab (gf) image

Kebab (gf)

Ground meat with Georgian herbs and spices cooked on the skewer. Served with roasted potatoes.





Ajapsandali (v, gf) image

Ajapsandali (v, gf)

Vegetable stew: eggplants, potatoes, bell peppers and onions cooked with tomatoes, cilantro and spices.


Tapaka Chicken (gf) image

Tapaka Chicken (gf)

Iron pressed, pan-fried golden cornish chicken. Served with ajika-bread roll or fresh vegetables.


Kalmakhi (gf) image

Kalmakhi (gf)

Grilled rainbow trout stuffed with spiced spinach and walnuts. Served with fresh vegetables.


Chalaghaji (gf) image

Chalaghaji (gf)

Marinated in Adjika sauce, slow-cooked baby pork ribs. Served with ajika-bread roll or fresh vegetables.


Beef Ribs with Tashmijab (gf) image

Beef Ribs with Tashmijab (gf)

Baked beef ribs with garlic and rosemary, tashmijab (cheese melted into mashed potatoes), fresh green sour plum.



Napoleon Cake image

Napoleon Cake

Layered puff pastry with cream.


Winter Pear image

Winter Pear

Ripe pear cooked in Georgian wine with chocolate and vanilla cream paired with fresh mint and walnuts.


Lava Cake image

Lava Cake

Warm, decadent chocolate cake with a rich molten chocolate filling. Served with vanilla ice cream, sparkling wine sauce and french cake.


Caramel Puding image

Caramel Puding

Chef's favorite.


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